Water Heater Installation, Repairs, Replacement In Needham MA

Spectrum Heating and Cooling is based in Needham, MA and we serve the nearby cities and towns in the area with water heater installation, repair, and replacement. We offer a wide range of high-quality brand, makes and models of water heaters.

The life expectancy of a water heater is about 8 to 12 years. This number can vary based on the quality of the installation, the location and design of the unit, the maintenance schedule and the water quality in the home. So, if your water heater is older than this- you can expect to have to deal with this in the not so distant future.

Many homeowners do not realize that an older hot water heater can be one the most costly appliances in your home to operate. Just as with furnaces and air conditioners, today’s hot water heaters are more efficient than they used to be. These days, water heaters have state-of-the-art electronic controls, better insulation and the cost of operation is lower. These are just some of the reasons it might make sense for you to consider replacing your old water heater with a new one.

Spectrum Heating and Cooling offers water heater installation and replacement for customers that need a new water heater. We offer the highest quality water heaters that typically have industry leading warranties.

Before replacing your water heater, it is essential that you understand the product. It is important to consider several factors when making a new water heater purchase:

The cheapest water heaters tend to be the most expensive to operate.

Most new hot water heaters have a life span ranging from 8 years to 14 years, depending on the model and some of the other factors mentioned above.

The cost of heating your water is about 15% of your utility bill.

If you have a water heater that is 9-12 years old or more-you probably have 50% or less efficiency

Buy a water heater based on the “peak-hour demand capacity” rather than on the size of the tank.

If you have a water heater with a tank-your water is always being heated, so energy is used even when the hot water faucet is off due to heat loss.

The modern, energy-efficient storage hot water heaters can greatly reduce heat loss, making them less expensive to operate.

What Spectrum Does During A Water Heater Tune-Up

  • We check your tank for water leaks. Water leaks can cause damage to your home, health or safety issues and may be a symptom of a larger problem, or a minor fix. We inspect your unit for any leaks during a water heater tune up and fix them before they develop into a larger problem.
  • We drain and flush your hot water tank. Sediment and mineral deposits build up over time near the bottom of your water tank. This can cause your unit to run inefficiently. We drain your tank to flush out that sediment buildup so your unit can return to its normal operating efficiency.
  • We test the temperature pressure relief valve. Your relief valve has the important function of protecting your unit from issues if the pressure or temperature inside your tank goes too high. During the tune-up, we will inspect your relief valve for any water leaks and make sure that it is working correctly.
  • We clean your burner assembly. If the burner assembly on your water heater gets dirty, it will have a reduction in efficiency and can cause damage to your water heater. We provide a good cleaning of this part of your water heater during your tune up.
  • We test your gas valve. The gas valve of your water heater is a very important component of your unit. We test the gas valve to make sure it’s operating properly and fix any problems that might arise
  • We check for proper venting of combustion gasses. We ensure that you have proper ventilation so that any carbon monoxide that gets produced by your unit is vented to the outside and not released in your home. We check for any cracks in pipes used for ventilation and remedy any safety issues. Remember to make sure that you have a carbon monoxide detectors situated near the hot water heater.

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If you suspect you have a problem with your Water Heater-schedule an appointment by filling out the contact form, or just give us a call at 781-343-1515 and we’ll come to your home to assess your Water Heater needs.

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