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Heat Pump Systems For Your Home

Spectrum Heating and Cooling is Needham, Massachusetts and surrounding area’s Heat Pump Systems Installation And Service Premier and highly-rated company of choice.

Heat Pump Systems Provide Comfort In All Seasons

Most people think that the word “heat” in the term “heat pump systems” means that it is a heating system only. However, heat pump systems actually provide both heating and cooling in your home.

Heat Pump Systems work through the use of evaporator and condenser coils. In the summer, the heat pump’s evaporator coil cools the home’s air. In the winter, the systems condenser coil heats the air.

Interestingly, Heat pump systems run exclusively on electricity, so if you have a gas system now, you will experience lower gas bills all year around.

Heat pump systems in use today are very energy-efficient.  In addition to energy savings, heat pump systems tend to be smaller, space-saving units, which makes them ideal for homeowners looking to save space in a basement or attic, or for those with smaller homes.

We Help You  To Explore You Heating And Cooling Options

If your current heating or cooling system is outdated or simply not working as well as you think it should be- give us a call at 781-343-1515  and we’ll come out to your house to assess your current heat system and help you determine if a heat pump system is best for you.

In addition to Heat Pump Systems we install the following heating and cooling systems:

Gas Furnace with Air Conditioner

Mini-Split cooling and heating systems

Dual Fuel or Hybrid Systems

Forced Air Systems

Zoned Heating and Cooling

And More!

If your old Heat Pump or other heating or cooling system isn’t functioning properly or keeping you comfortable, give Spectrum Heating And Cooling a call. We’re Needham MA’s Heat Pump system experts. We have many years of experience installing and maintaining new heat pump systems. Installing your Heat Pump system properly will ensure that it functions at its maximum efficiency and provides you with the highest level of comfort for years to come.

Since Heat pump systems use only electricity it can help you to cut down on your monthly gas and/or oil bills. Most of the systems on the market today use less energy but provide both better performance and improved heating and cooling power. Compared to older systems, heat pump systems are usually much more efficient, save space, and if set up correctly, provide comfort for years to come. If you are tired of paying for high oil or gas bills, ask us how much a new system could save you.

If your current system is not performing well, or if you are tired of dealing with the smell of heating oil, or of carrying heavy room air conditioners up from the basement or down from the attic and having to deal with the annoyance of installing them in each room- then why not consider a Heat Pump system option? We can tell you about a range of options which can help everyone keep comfortable, whatever the outside temperature.

If your current system is unreliable and not performing well-you will enjoy the dependability of a new Heat Pump system. Spectrum Heating and Cooling only installs brands that we have found to be reliable and built to last. That’s why, in addition to the manufactures warranty, we stand behind all of our work on your new system.

Call Now For A Free In-Home Estimate

Spectrum Heating And Cooling has been installing the most advanced Heat Pump systems for residents of Needham, Massachusetts and the surrounding areas. Invite us in to evaluate your system and see if a new Heat Pump System makes sense for your home. To schedule an appointment just fill out the contact form, or give us a call at 781-343-1515.

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